EdTech Strategy Services

EdLighten, a WBE certified business, combines our founders’ passion, expertise, and commitment to make a meaningful impact for all learners.  We are dedicated edtech experts intent on delivering effective solutions for long-term impact and sustained growth.  With extensive experience in edtech leadership, K-12 and higher ed teaching, elearning development, and business strategy and operations for small and large companies, we continue to provide our clients with actionable, data-driven insights to improve their edtech programs.

For the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), in partnership with The Reading Circuit, we are managing an early literacy EPP professional learning community. In addition, for DESE we have organized evidence-based, early literacy resources for all educator preparation faculty. 

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Instructional Design

We craft effective and engaging learning materials by applying pedagogical principles and cutting-edge technologies. Our offerings include customized curricula, eLearning modules, interactive multimedia content, and training programs tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We excel in structuring content, optimizing learning pathways, and incorporating diverse instructional strategies to enhance knowledge retention and skill acquisition.

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Content Development

We create, shape, and refine written, visual, or multimedia materials for strategic purposes, such as educational, informational, promotional, or entertainment. We produce comprehensive content that effectively communicates information, engages the target audience, and achieves specific objectives. In addition, we develop assessment tools and methodologies to measure learners’ progress and the effectiveness of curricula.

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EdTech Integration

In an era of digital learning, we can assist you in integrating technology into curricula effectively. Our technology expertise and our teaching experience with in-person, hybrid, and online courses can help you harness the power of digital tools and platforms to enhance teaching and learning.

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Professional Development

We provide effective, continuing education opportunities for employees, educators, and administrators. Our workshops, training sessions, and resources are expertly designed to enhance the skills and expand the knowledge of professionals.

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Research & Analysis

To ensure evidence-based decisions, we can collaborate with your team to an provide in-depth examination of data, deep analysis of trends, and insightful recommendations to drive improvements in your organization.

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EdTech Strategy

Our team of edtech experts, educators, instructional designers, and curriculum developers will collaborate with you to enhance education through our in-depth knowledge of edtech and elearning. Our targeted solutions include conceptualization, program design, product management, evaluation, marketing, and operations to help transform your program.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each customer has unique needs and challenges. We are dedicated to creating customized solutions that address your goals and priorities.